Buckley’s Crossing Rides Again!

Dalgety Pub has had a new lease of life under the careful hands of its new owners.

I walked around the pub listening to the stories she had to tell me. As I listened, I heard the whispers of history and the hope of a new beginning. Last week I had the privilege of photographing the newly renovated Buckley’s Crossing Hotel at Dalgety. Its new owners, sisters Deb and Sharon had their work cut out for them, (remember that carpet!) and they have done a wonderful job restoring the old girl back to life. Who knew there was a grand dining room in there! Next time you visit and you’re enjoying your country breakfast, look up. “Whats that enormous curtain rod doing in the middle of the dining room?” you’ll ask yourself. Sharon is the keeper of pub secrets from history past. She’ll tell you a tale or two…_MG_0335 _MG_0348 _MG_0349 _MG_0373 _MG_0378 _MG_0401 _MG_0432 _MG_0440 _MG_0452 _MG_0453 _MG_0463 _MG_0478 _MG_0484 _MG_0514