Have you ever watched Grand Designs? I looooove that show! The architecture is genius, the camera work is divine and the commitment of the owners compelling. One thing I am very grateful to my Fine Arts education for, is a comprehensive understanding and appreciation for architecture. So when I was approached a few years back by a local builder to shoot some before, during and after shots for their website, I was thrilled! Since then I’ve gained more and more builders and construction companies as clients and I absolutely LOVE photographing buildings! How a pile of innate materials can be crafted, willed into an existence much more than the sum of its parts is like magic to me.

Many tradies think they’re immune from having to market on their website (if they have one) or on social media. But don’t forget that whether your clients’ project is a new garage or a multi-million $$ re-build, this investment is probably one of the largest they’ll make in their lives after the initial property purchase. Not many clients would trust a builder these days based solely on a verbal recommendation. BEFORE they engage you, probably even before the quote stage, they want to know who you are, what are your values – are they the same as mine? Will you as my builder understand me? Will I understand you? What work have you done thats similar to mine? what problems during that build did you overcome? how will you apply that experience to my build? Sometimes it can come down to a simple perception by the client – the quotes are the same, the recommendations are the same, the testimonials are equally as glowing, but builder A has a website that looks like his teenage son built it and builder B has a website that features clear, professional photography of work he’s completed recently and a facebook page that has posts in a language I understand and not in condescending “builder blabble” and accompanying images to illustrate his point. So, from the clients perspective, who would you choose? The builder who perhaps is too busy to need a good website (then perhaps he doesn’t need my custom either) or the builder who clearly is invested in his work, proud enough of his skill to tell the world about it and hence will be just as invested in my project as I am. It’s a no-brainer.

Give me a call 0414 412 069 or an email sam@jettyblue.com.au to chat about photographing your latest project. Here’s some pics from two amazing projects by my client Barra Building. Their brand new website is coming soon: www.barrabuilding.com.au