A new addition to the Sullivan clan

Tanya and Rob's little angel 2.0

0113_MansBUB_200716 0110_MansBUB_200716 0104_MansBUB_200716 0103_MansBUB_200716 0098_MansBUB_200716 0092_MansBUB_200716 0088_MansBUB_200716 0085_MansBUB_200716 0078_MansBUB_200716 0077_MansBUB_200716 0072_MansBUB_200716 0067_MansBUB_200716 0064_MansBUB_200716 0059_MansBUB_200716 0057_MansBUB_200716 0056_MansBUB_200716 0054_MansBUB_200716 0053_MansBUB_200716 0042_MansBUB_200716One thing I truly love about my job is when I have the privilege to craft a legacy for my clients over many life changing moments in their lives. Tanya and Rob were one of my favourite weddings of 2011 and the birth of their first daughter in 2014 was a joy for me to capture for them. So, imagine my delight when Tanya again contacted me to photograph the arrival of their brand new 2nd daughter! To witness their growing family is an honour and I am truly blessed to have such amazing clients.