Client of the Month for April – Divine Creative Agency

This Month’s client spotlight is all on the gorgeous Melissa from Divine Creative Agency!

Melissa is all about helping SME’s to expand their businesses using the power of online marketing. She’s a genius at what she does and a great lady to boot!

Here’s lesson 4 on “7 ways to get more business”

Melissa says: Basically, I am very passionate about relationship marketing. The days of interuption marketing are over.  You can no longer ‘barge’ your way into the marketing conversation by just shouting your message at your potential customers.
Your target market want a conversation with you- preferably a two way conversation! They want great quality, helpful information aimed at solving their biggest business problems. Find out their real pain and provide them REAL SOLUTIONS, and you will win over a client for life!

Stop selling so much and start connecting, stand out from everyone else in your market and SHOW your potential clients that you truly are an expert in your field.

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